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First time coming to the island? Need some help on when to go?
Then look no further, we have got you covered!

The Ibiza summer season begins with opening parties in May and continues through till October when the majority of clubs close. Whether you want to party till dawn at the opening parties or a 7-day party in peak season this can help you choose! See below for a more detailed break down of the Ibiza season.

Photography By Elliot Young


Pushing on from the end of April, the spirit of Ibiza starts to awaken from the winter. In early May expect very few clubs to be open apart from traditionally Pacha, hosting a few individual events.

There are many bars open around the island particularly in San Antonio and there is the infamous west-end strip (expect your typical ‘2 drinks and 2 shots for 10€’ deals).

However as the weeks go on expect for the party calendar to slowly start filling up as many clubs host their main opening parties with big names! As we reach the end of May most of the Ibiza clubs will be open with daily event opening parties beginning. The perfect time to experience Ibiza without it being too hectic, book a few days break and be a part of history at some of the best Ibiza opening parties in 2019!

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Photography By Elliot Young


By the start of June the island is noticeably busier and there is a flurry of opening parties to choose from. A paradise for Ibiza veterans or virgins the June opening parties are second to none, expect big names in music and on-going parties till the next day!

Towards the end of June, the season is now in full swing and perfect for those who wanting to come and experience the true Ibiza magic. June may be less expensive than peak months but expect just as much of a party, perfect for those new to the island and wanting to be a part of the madness!

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July is one of the most popular months in Ibiza, expect hot weather, and even hotter parties! As it is peak summer, holidaymakers can experience the true Ibiza vibe in all its glory, a constant magical buzz, the legendary parties, and colossal atmosphere! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?

Think day time pool parties to pre-parties watching the sunset to dawn raves! July in Ibiza has it all! Prices may increase in July for event tickets but the party line-ups are BIG! Many clubs have a full week of events scheduled also so you will never be left short of options on where to go, day, night or both (in true Ibiza style).

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In August Ibiza reaches its peak! The first week in August is generally the most expensive week to holiday in Ibiza, but it is also looked upon as the highlight of the party calendar as the Radio 1 weekend lands!

A long standing tradition, Radio 1 in Ibiza is a calendar date many Ibiza veterans will base their holiday schedule on. 2018 saw Radio 1Xtra come to the island for the very first time with a 10 hour show broadcasted live from Ibiza Rocks!

The temperatures are at their highest in August and expect for club nights to be full of atmosphere, you will not regret choosing to come to Ibiza to experience parties in August! If you want to experience euphoric club nights, beautiful weather and a constant party, August is your month!

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September is still a lively month in Ibiza, expect mammoth closing parties all around the island.

The beginning is still buzzing from August so holidaymakers can expect a full party calendar and beautiful weather, however as we move to mid-September the closing parties begin.

Closing parties in Ibiza are world renowned, think massive names in music, parties continuing into the early hours and even after parties! Wanting another summer getaway or to keep the summer spirit alive, book Ibiza for September!

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By October a handful of clubs have closed or are hosting their closing parties, the sun is still shining but the temperature is decreasing.

Across the island it is noticeably quieter but you will still find bars and restaurants and one or two clubs open across the first couple of weeks. The very last event of 2018 fell on the 14th October!



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