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About Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza Rocks is a market leading youth destination brand born out of a deep desire to keep the island of Ibiza young, fresh and connected to a new generation of music lovers.

In 2005 we put two fingers up to the establishment and kick-started the regeneration of Ibiza by bringing the world’s best live bands to invade the island of dance. 15 years later we’re still challenging convention and charging at change every step of the way.

Today we still stand strong as the proud pioneers and innovators of bringing new sounds, exciting event concepts and unique holiday experiences to the island.

Whilst our time slot and our soundtrack may have evolved, our core ethos has always remained the same:

We believe in youth

We put energy first

Energy has always been our constant and continues to drive everything we do. We are the ‘realness’ on an island that has become saturated in stiff, soulless, plastic and vastly overpriced VIP sections.

Our unique set up means our audience completely surrounds the entire venue, as far away and as up high as the artists can see. We put the people in the crowd and by the pool, up close and intimate to the incredible music talents that feed off the fusion of the infectious energy.

Craig David's TS5 Pool Party 2020

We charge at change

From being the first to introduce guitar bands to the island back in 2005, we have never been afraid to disrupt the standard Ibiza scene and move with our audience.

From night time gigs to day time pool parties, guitars to grime Ibiza Rocks has always lead the way in giving previously non represented genres and artists a home on the ‘island of dance’. You just have to look at Craig David’s TS5 Pool Party residency and Stormzy’s #MERKY Festival to see that.

We continue to seek out incredible emerging talent as support acts and bring them back as headliners in their own right. that’s the model we are known and well and well respected for and the one we always want to use, whatever the genre.

We Elevate Every Experience

What we strive to create at Ibiza Rocks are truly immersive lifestyle experiences where our customer is king.

Whatever part of the brand they touch every element should elevate beyond expectation.  We are blessed to be in the business of making ‘moments’ and creating incredible memories that can be captured and shared in an instant, yet last a lifetime.

Ibiza Rocks Danny Howard & Idris Elba
IBIZAROCKS-2015-AWH-7181 (1)

We love Ibiza

Ibiza is our home and for youth we are it’s greatest champion.

People need to fall in love with Ibiza when they are young and keep coming back for life to a place they feel always meets their hopes and aspiration. We lead this charge and we are passionately and financially invested in being a critical influencer for both the island and our base in San Antonio, helping to adapt the town and the island to be more inviting and more open to young travellers.

When going to Ibiza, interacting with us should be as essential as going to watch the world-famous sunset, and experiencing Ibiza Rocks should be a crucial part of making any Ibiza trip complete.