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Ibiza Weather Update: It's hot!

19th July 2023

If there's a line from a film that best describes Ibiza weather at the moment, it could only ever be... 'It is well hot. Might be too hot. Might be.'

Ibiza Rocks Full Venue 2023 | Ibiza Weather

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Embrace the Sun!
Dive into the Balearic Heatwave with a Pool Party at Ibiza Rocks!

As the season reaches it’s half-way point, the sun turns up the heat and the temperatures soar, there’s no better way to beat the summer sizzle in the party capital of Europe than by spending the day at the world famous Ibiza Rocks! With temperatures reaching as high as 35 °C, in this article we’re going to remind you that it’s not just the sun that’s hot, but so are the experiences awaiting you at the Home of the Pool Party.


sometimes literally

What better way to combat the summer heat than by taking a dip in the pool with your friends? Whether you’re care-free and happy to get fully submerged or you’re avoiding ruining the hair and makeup you spent over an hour doing that morning, our pool parties offer the perfect oasis to cool off and enjoy some holiday highlights with your besties. A word of warning though, when our head resident DJ Patrick Nazemi is on the decks, splashes are encouraged (especially during Freed From Desire).

Top up that Tan

Soak up the Vitamin D

You can get all the pictures and videos you want during your vacay to Ibiza but thing you most want to show off upon your return is your your tan is. The Mediterranean sun is your best friend in this case and as long as you apply enough suncream and keep hydrated throughout the day; the hotter it is, the bronzer you’ll get! And with temperatures literally this week surpassing 30°C, you shouldn’t have any issues achieving your tan target.


It is a pool party after all!

Ibiza is renowned for its vibrant music scene, and pool parties here are no exception! Picture yourself two-stepping to the latest tracks performed by the likes of Ben Hemsley, Joel Corry, Craig David & so many more, surrounded by like-minded party-goers from all over the globe. The atmopshere within the venue will make you forget about the heat and keep you moving all day long.




Ibiza’s most popular holidaymakers love a moan about how hot it is, we’re looking at you from the UK & Ireland! It’s intensity brings people together, whether it be briefly sharing a fan, queuing for a drink at the bar or bumping into each other in the pool. It’s the perfect hub for sparking conversations, sharing stories from the holiday so far, and making memories with strangers who become friends.


so refreshing

A pool party venue needs an abundance of refreshing drinks to tantalize your taste buds and keep you cool. Of course we have deliciously crafted signature cocktails that just taste SO much better when the sun is blaring down on you and perfectly complement the summer setting. Stay hydrated and rejuvenated while enjoying the party to the fullest.

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