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Ibiza Hen Do | Ibiza Rocks Hotel

5 reasons why Ibiza is the best place for a Hen Do

When it comes to Hen Do’s in Europe, the list of popular destinations grows year after year. But one place that always has and always should be top of your list… is of course, Ibiza.

We’ve dived into the in’s and out’s of what truly makes the ultimate Stag; including keeping to budget, having an itinerary full of activities planned, stress-free organising and most importantly, drinking!

There’s 101 reasons why Ibiza is the best place for a Hen Do, check out the 5 most important reasons below.

1. Hotel and Flights aren’t that expensive

There’s a cheaper way of doing it

A common stigma for Ibiza is that it’s ridiculously expensive which can be a turn-off, especially for Hen Do’s looking to keep the cost to a minimum.

However if you spend a little bit of time comparing flights (via SkyScanner) and find the perfect hotel for your group (Ibiza Rocks Hotel 😉), you can easily put the rest of the party at ease so that the price isn’t going to leave too much of a dent.


2. Not overspending once you’ve arrived

Ibiza’s really not that expensive

The myths continue for when you touch down in Ibiza and it can be easy to spend, spend, spend if you plan on hitting up all the daytime parties and the superclubs every night with their premium entry and drinks prices.

The West End is an infamous strip just a few minutes walk away from Ibiza Rocks Hotel, here you will find clubs and bars soundtracked by every genre you can think of, drinks deals cheaper than a freddo at your local corner shop and like minded people gathered simply to let loose and have a good time! Fancy dress is accepted (encouraged).

Ibiza Rocks Bar

3: The nightlife (or Daylife)

There’s a reason it’s the party capital of the world.

In terms of parties, nowhere does it bigger than Ibiza. With 10+ venues across the island hosting daily events from May into October.

A stay at Ibiza Rocks Hotel puts you in the centre of the daytime clubbing scene. It gets better though, as all Pool Parties are included in the price of your stay.

As mentioned already, the West End is just a few minutes away and if you want to treat yourself to one of Ibiza’s many superclubs; Eden and Es Paradis are walking distance away, Amnesia and Privilege are a 15 minute Disco Bus away and then just add another 10 minutes to that and you’ll reach the likes of Ushuaïa, Hï and Pacha.

Ibiza Hen Do | Ibiza Rocks Hotel

4. Token Hen Do Activities

It’s not all about the partying(ish)

Technically, yes 90% of the time you are’t sleeping you’re going to want to be partying but no Hen-Do is complete without some fun activities to fill out that itinerary.

The famous sunset strip, home to the likes of Cafe Mambos, Cafe Del Mar and many more provide excellent brunch and dinner options.

On the island are a number of talented hair and beauty artists, both in salon’s or mobile so you can get yourself all dolled up for wherever your night takes you.

Gypsy Shrine | Ibiza Rocks Hen Do

5: Getting the best deal

Hen Do Bookings made easy

Organising a group of 6+ girls (who sometimes don’t know each other particularly well) to fly over for a long weekend in Ibiza can be difficult to say the least.

At Ibiza Rocks we will take all of the stress away so that the maid of honour is left to plan the less boring, more exciting parts of the trip.

Our hotel has everything you could possibly need all under one roof, room types for groups of all sizes and budgets with flexible booking terms so that you are not caught up in a rigid, complicated payment plan.

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