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Why you should add a 3rd person to your Ibiza holiday

26th March 2024

They say 3 is the magic number, and that is the case for your Ibiza squad too. Here's 6 reasons why you should book Ibiza as a trio.

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Kicking things off with the most important and relevant reason of them all: If you book this weekend, a third person can stay for free in any room type for all 2024 dates! Plus you can get an extra 15% off with the code EASTER15.

You’ll have to move quickly, though, as this offer expires on Tuesday night (2nd March).

Row to yourself on the plane

The holiday starts when you step foot on the plane. Who wants to be in the middle seat next to two strangers when you and your two pals can have seats A, B, and C (or D, E, F!) to yourselves?

We’re talking card games, watching Netflix together, and making the most of Easyjet’s prosecco and Pringles deal.

And for that dreaded flight home, after forcing down a Burger King meal and catching up on some much-needed zzz’s, you’d much rather rest your head on your bestie than anyone else.

Split your taxis

Although you can take a bus to pretty much anywhere in Ibiza, especially the superclubs, chances are that for ease, you’re just going to hop in a taxi. Conveniently, there is a taxi rank right outside Ibiza Airport, as well as near Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

It’s worth noting that there aren’t any 7-seater taxis in Ibiza, so you’ll only be able to comfortably fit 3 people into a car (or squeeze in 4).

Taxis from Ibiza Rocks to the main venues across the island vary between €20 and €40, so having 3 of you to take turns paying or splitting the bill will certainly reduce your spending money on your holiday.


A significant part of the Ibiza experience, of course, involves having a drink (and that’s not just alcohol, by the way). Whether it’s sharing a jug of Sangria at dinner, buying a bottle of your favorite spirit in the supermarket for pre-drinks, or deciding to upgrade your experience at a pool party with a VIP minimum spend, they are all a lot less daunting for your bank account (and your liver!) if you’re sharing the cost between 3 people instead of just 2.

You’ve always got a party partner

Now, since you’re flying out to the White Isle, chances are you’re going to be heading to a superclub or two, and there will be some late nights followed by rough mornings.

Ibiza is a marathon, not a sprint, but someone will take it too far one night and be incapacitated for the next day – you know who you are.

However, if two people are fit and ready to go again, they can head to a pool party or superclub and leave the incapable one back in the hotel room, feeling sorry for themselves and regretting their decisions from the night before.

Room Deposits are €24

That’s only €8 each!

If you’re currently planning a trip to Ibiza for 2, hold that thought.

Having a romantic getaway with your partner? Message the 3rd wheel. Flying out with your best mate, drop the other mate that’s tight with money a DM. Staying with a sibling? The cool cousin you have the best times with needs an invite.

Deposits for every room type at Ibiza Rocks are just €60. Split that between three of you, and it’s just €20 each to book Ibiza! What better reason to travel to Ibiza as a trio?

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