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Photography By Elliot Young


As we say goodbye to all things Ibiza 2017 and welcome in the festive season, we here at Rocks HQ are already in Ibiza 2018 mode! Looking forward to the new-year we have decided to round up all things rumour wise to gage potential plans for the coming season.

Here we are able to give an insight into the latest news, gossip and rumours on the island for 2018. With the excitement of returning well-established events along with new talent, residencies and events we are getting super hyped and so we want you to be too!


Changing dynamics

As 2017 gave us a noticeable shift in the clubbing scene, we saw many more day-time parties on a larger and more frequent scale. For the 2018 season expect for this to continue as many promoters are noticing the success and transition, so as traditional Ibiza nightlife is still ongoing, you will see a growing number of day-time events also!

The shift is incorporating the convention of Ibiza as a party mecca; party all day and all night.

Think of the unprecedented growth and number of Pool Parties at Ibiza Rocks Hotel to venues such as Cova Santa and the evolution of their event schedule! Daytime is definitely on the increase again for the 2018 season!


A frequented island rumour after the take-over of the much-loved Space and its transformation to the state-of-the-art club; was that of an over-ground tunnel being built between the two venues. Enabling them to somewhat adjoin forces and for attendees to travel from one venue directly to the other.

However for the 2017 season, the prime focus then became solely the promotion of the opening of as a new club and its events schedule. Yet after a successful first season, questions are being raised on how they are going to stay at the forefront of their game, providing new and innovative ideas. As we head into winter businesses are putting plans in force for the coming season, the whispers are resurfacing about the over-ground tunnel being constructed.

Spearheaded by Ushuaïa could this shape up as a part of their presence in Playa D’en Bossa and form what could become a resort takeover?



DC-10 has been no stranger to issues in the past such as its temporary shut-down in 2008 for the toleration of narcotic consumption on the premises. However it appears they may be in hot water again as they have several violations being processed against them from last summer.

Not much is known about the violations but it is suspected that capacity issues and sound pollution may be major factors; which are in correlation with the many complaints they receive from residents throughout the summer also.

Could this see the end of the legendary DC-10? Stay tuned for further updates.


Amnesia has been a part of the Balearic Isles’ clubbing landscape for decades now, and in the 2017 season they held an successful weekly line-up of external events. It could be assumed from this succession it will follow suit into the 2018 season, however further news may unsettle this.

Rumours are that HYTE, which sits comfortably on a Wednesday on their weekly schedule may well in fact be ready to make a move to on. Sources have said that the brand may well be ready to move on with the focus being on expansion of the brand and become receptive to a larger audience!

Also in the 2017 we seen Saturday nights re-established in Ibiza when Elrow announced that Amnesia would be the new home of their events following the closure of Space. However as we have previously stated, nightlife culture in Ibiza is constantly changing and with that said there are rumours that Elrow may in fact be moving to a new venue to capitalise on its mighty growth! Elrow domination is here!

2018 could present even bigger things for the Elrow brand, from their expansion to Pool Parties at Ibiza Rocks Hotel to hosting their eccentric events all over the world! Stay tuned to keep in the loop!



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