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Sunglasses… check ✅
Bikini/Shorts… check ✅
A ‘Craig David’ shot (tequila with a pineapple juice chaser)… check ✅

Craig David is the undisputed king of the Ibiza pool party!
So we called him up to ask him for his tips on getting ready & having the best time you can at TS5…

Photography By Elliot Young


Before you go anywhere near alcohol get a 1.5 litre bottle of water and make sure you somehow down all of it. That may seem like a lot but if you can get that inside of you then whatever you fancy drinking, be it cocktails, beer or straight to the tequila then you’re gonna be alright. That’s my biggest tip – wherever you are, make sure you’re hydrated.



When I go on it’s super hot but when the sun starts to go down you need to need to have brought something that you can throw around you when it gets a bit cooler. I’ve noticed that people are hyped when the sun’s out but when it goes down people are like, “Raaaa, shoulda bought a jacket.”



Get a little drink in and ease yourself into a place where you can go all out. The energy is really nice when the crowd is wavy but they’re not absolutely smashed. I think that’s what a good pool party is – when the sun and the alcohol all kicks in at the same time. It can be perfect if it’s on the right trip and the music is right, which thankfully I’m able to select. If you peak too soon that sun will lick you so hard that you won’t be going anywhere. Other than home.

Photography By Elliot Young


The mosh pit thing is so amped and exciting – I see it with so many grime acts when they play a big tune. I saw it with Big Narstie when he was touring with me but I don’t think that’s quite the vibe at the pool party. I think if you’re in a bikini or shorts then you don’t want to feel like you’re about to get slammed WWE-style, know what I mean?

Photography By Elliot Young


If you want to be immersed in what I’m doing then get right up close to where I am and you’re gonna be fully in the show. That makes the pool party so exciting for me as I feel like I’m in the crowd.
Then you’ve got the guys on the side, under the balcony. That’s the place if you’re a little cooler and you don’t want to be in everyone’s face but clocking what’s going on. You can have a nice little rave up in the corner and be on the DL if you’re checking someone out.
If you don’t want to clock the performance as much but you want to hear tunes and have fun with your mates, then the pool is where it’s at.
If you get behind me on the stage, it’s no VIP thing. I like a mix of people up there who are there to have fun.
Up on the balcony has its own vibe going on, you’re under cover and you’re near the toilets so you’ve got that luxury.
The rooftop. I don’t know how they get up there, but that birds eye view must be one of the sickest places to be.


You want to have one or two options that you know you can go on to. It feels like I’m able to ramp people up to a point where they want to go out and properly turn up. You need to know where that’s taking you. Always have a couple of options for the after party because you definitely ain’t gonna wanna go home.


Photography By Elliot Young