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3 reasons why…

Ibiza is the best place for a Hen Do


Girl Group | Hen Party | Hen Do | Ibiza Rocks Hotel

What makes a good Stag Do?

The very best Hen Do’s should be; memorable, a time when all of your best friends are having a laugh together, allow you to keep to a reasonable budget and include a stacked itinerary that would make even the most experienced of tour guides sweat.

This and more are all possible when you choose Ibiza as your destination for a Hen Do.


1. It’s the clubbing capital of the world

It’s what the island is renowned for and why so many holiday makers travel to Ibiza between the months of May and October for it’s consistently exclusive, dynamic and intense summer events schedule.

You’ll need more than two hands to count the number of nightclubs to choose from and that’s not even including the Daytime Venues, which are attracting more and more of the most in-demand artists.

Although the entry and drinks will leave a slight dent in your Budget, you won’t regret it as there is no better feeling than seeing your favourite DJ in Ibiza.

✔ Memorable


2. You can still have a messy night out

The bread and butter of a classic Hen Do. If you’re planning a Hen or have one coming up then you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about walking along the strip with the girls, covering the entire width of the street to let everyone else know you’re there, ready to start your big night out.

Ibiza’s answer to that? The West End. Located just a 5 minute walk from Ibiza Rocks Hotel in San Antonio. The island’s main strip is a collection of streets just off the waterfront with bars galore, kebab shops and of course many many holidaymakers.

With all genre’s of music covered, drinks deals to put your local pub to shame and fast food restaurants on every corner; it’s all your favourite European party resorts rolled into one strip.

One tip from us… order a Sketamin (thank us later).

✔ Keep to a Budget
✔ A laugh with your mates

Read our blog on the West End here

Photography By Elliot Young

3. It’s not all about the partying

Now chances are one member of the party necked one too many salt, tequila, limes the night before and is written off for the day, but for those of you who do want to leave the comfort of your hotel room and explore, Ibiza has a whole host of daytime activies and hidden gems that don’t require you to down a pint.

If you want to dedicate one day for exploring the island from San Antonio we would recommend visiting the Abandonded Festival Club, Es Vedra rock and Ibiza Town during the day. In the early evening head back to San An for the famous sunset. Bring a couple of cans with you and sit on the rocks outside Cafe Mambos to rest those legs and start discussing how you think the upcoming night is going to unfold.

When you combine your exploring options with the endless club nights and parties you realise just how magical the White Isle really is.

✔ Stacked itinerary



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