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Lockdown Survey | The Results

In June 2020 Ibiza Rocks & Unruled Collective conducted research to discover more about the Gen Z and young Millennial audiences’ attitudes to life in lockdown, their opinions on overseas travel in the current climate and their hopes for the future. 

The survey was conducted online utilising the Ibiza Rocks customer database and social media audience. Overall 8930 entries were submitted over a 4 day period. The data was then filtered by the respondents location and age submitted to give the results of 5025 respondents aged 18-30 living in the UK.

Overseas Travel

One of the main aims of the study was to ascertain the appetite for overseas travel in 2020 amongst the youth generation and to understand any reservations they may have. What the study has shown for the travel industry is a very healthy demand from the youth sector to want to travel overseas this summer and a respect for the safety measures they acknowledge will need to be put in place whilst travelling and whilst abroad.  It also shows confidence in committing now to a 2021 overseas holiday.

62% of those surveyed would consider an overseas holiday this year with 26% unsure and only 12% ruling it out completely .

When asked whether they would be comfortable with air travel 75% of people surveyed said they would be happy to travel on an aircraft now, or if guaranteed safety measures were in place.

When asked what airlines/airports could do to make their journey safer the majority of concerns centered around “being close to other people they don’t know” and the “circulation of air” whilst on board. Top ranking safety measures that would inspire more confidence in booking were:

– Face masks mandatory
– Temperature checks before boarding
– No serving of food/beverages on board
– Deep cleaning of aircrafts between flights
– Sanitiser readily available

In terms of destinations, confidence in travelling to Ibiza remained high across the whole 18-30 age range, with 78% saying they would be comfortable to travel to Ibiza this year. Conversely destinations in the media presented with high COVID-19 rates; USA, China, Brazil and Italy ranked the highest for destinations the responders would feel least comfortable visiting this year.

Lockdown Life and Mental Health

With much written quite rightly about the physical and mental health of the older generation and protecting them as a priority, the study results showed that the mental health effects of lockdown on youth has had a substantial impact.

When asked about their time in lockdown and how they felt they had coped with the experience the survey results showed that 41% of those aged 18-30 had found their experience ‘tough’. This particularly seemed to affect the younger generation with 53% of those aged 18-21 finding lockdown ‘tough’ or ‘very difficult’

Across the whole 18-30 age group overwhelmingly the social aspect of not being able to physically see friends and family ranked first and second for what they had found hardest about lockdown (mentioned in 67% of responses) with work situations also figuring highly with concerns of current or future job security (mentioned in 20% of responses).

When analysing the working patterns of this group during lockdown further, 63% of respondents aged 18-21 had been either furloughed (39%) or have not worked through lockdown (24%) in comparison to 44% of 22-25 and only 36% of those aged 26-30. Although it is worth noting that many in the 18-21 not working category had marked themselves as full time students.

Within the 18-21 age group 10% of respondents when asked for comment on their experiences mentioned without any prompting a negative impact on their mental health through lockdown with key themes mentioned in experiences including:

Feeling ‘trapped’ or ‘isolated’, a loss of a ‘normal’ routine, health concerns for themselves or family members, concerns of job or university, financial worries, boredom and a lack of motivation.

Prior to lockdown my anxiety was minimal and manageable but since having to stay in and have no social contact my anxiety has become overwhelming. Since lockdown started easing I find I’m struggling to do the things I used to do

Greater Social Responsibility

Another misconception about this age group is that by being more of a ‘low risk’ of infection the younger generation don’t take their social responsibilities or health risks as seriously as older generations. The study data seems to counteract this notion as when given the chance to share their opinions on the enforcement of lockdown restrictions 96% of respondents agreed that lockdown for all was a necessary measure

31% of those surveyed questioned the restrictions that were brought in by the government but, instead of disagreeing with the measures, the majority felt they actually didn’t go far enough and should have been stricter, started earlier and expressed confusion over the guidance they were given.

Furthermore when asked to discuss the lifting of measures in the current climate although many expressed they were looking forward in particular to pubs and bars reopening (68%) 48% agreed on the lifting of measures at the present time with 44% unsure and 8% disagreeing entirely.

Safety On Holiday

92% of those surveyed were in agreement about social distancing measures being in place in hotels, however, 60% were not in favour of them being strictly enforced and 85% said they would find them difficult to follow whilst on holiday.

When asked about priorities when choosing accommodation for this summer, 58% said cleanliness of their accommodation was the most important aspect for them.

With regards to wearing face masks whilst on holiday, 52% said they would wear one if recommended to do so, 20% would be agreeable to it if everyone else was wearing one and 11% wouldn’t at all with the remainder unsure.

Open Air Venues vs Nightclubs

There has been huge speculation over the events/hospitality industry and how viable it is for clubs and venues to operate in a safe and responsible manner whilst still maintaining the sense of energy and atmosphere the customer desires. 

When it came to the subject of events overwhelmingly the audience surveyed would feel safer being at an event in an open air venue (76% overall) although there was a slight variance within the age group, with those older 26-30 expressing more concern than those younger 18-21.

Although open air venues were considered safer than an enclosed space many when asked for comment felt that capacities would need to be lowered to offer room for distancing – not overcrowded – and their main concerns would be over other attendees behaviour and following of rules – especially after drinking.

When it comes to nightclubs and enclosed venues those surveyed were far more cautious. Only 42% overall said they would feel comfortable visiting a nightclub on holiday, 45% would potentially consider it and 13% would not at all.

The main themes in comments from those unsure included:

– Social distancing being considered difficult or impossible in an enclosed space
– Capacities would need to reduced
– Air-conditioning and circulation would need to be considered
– Vibe would not be the same

Looking to the future

A key part of the survey was also to find out how our audience feel about the future, with a focus on 2021 travel plans to ascertain any reservations or concerns they may have. 

When asked whether they felt ‘normality’ would return in 2021 the results show only a slight majority of 54% believing it will with many simply not sure (35%). Yet despite this uncertainty 70% of those surveyed would consider booking a holiday now for Summer 2021.

The 30% who wouldn’t expressed reservations around fears of further virus peaks, restrictions on travel and general safety, but the most prevalent was concern over the security of their booking and losing money. Of the 1200 comments ‘Cancel / cancellation’ ranked in around 10% of them with ‘refund’ and ‘losing money’ 4% and 5% respectively. Flight cancellations and travel companies going bust before 2021 were particular concerns.

When asked about what they were most looking forward to about the future, the top 5 terms stated were as follows: Friends (44%) Family (26%) Holiday (26%) Party (10%) Travel (8%)