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Lovely Laura Pool Party Ibiza Rocks


After their insanely summery live stream on Sunday on Ibiza Rocks TV, we caught up (virtually) with our residents Laura & Ben to see what they’re getting up to during life in lockdown.

Where in the world are you self-isolating at the moment? & How are you finding lockdown?

Laura: We’re in lockdown in Ibiza!

Ben: Fortunately we are in Ibiza. The lockdown rules are a lot stricter here in Spain than they are in the UK, but still, there’s no place in the world I would rather be right now than right here in Ibiza.

How have you been spending your days ‘inside’?

Laura: Cleaning, cooking, sleeping, making music and recently got introduced to Netflix! Loving life being in our house.

Ben: We’ve been keeping fit which is really keeping us sane. In fact, if it wasn’t for the three online sessions we’ve got scheduled in every week, I honestly don’t think I’d know what day it was! We’ve also been keeping ourselves busy in the studio or on other days doing sweet FA!

Where in the world would you like to live, if you weren’t living in Ibiza?

Laura: A country cottage in the English countryside

Ben: Australia. Assuming they’d let me!

DSC_2482 copy

If you could perform with anyone who would it be? Stevie Wonder - though I would probably cry happy tears

Lovely Laura

Your top 5 quarantine tunes?

Laura: Happy – Pharrell,  What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong, I’m Every Woman – Chaka Khan, Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder, Don’t Stop The Music – Yarbrough & Peoples

Ben: Prodigy — Breathe, Electribe 101 -Tell Me When The Fever Ended,  The Human League – Don’t You Want Me, De La Soul – Me Myself and I, The Doors – The End

There are lots of live streams and playlists being used at the moment, which are your go-to?

Laura: I’ve started to create some of my own playlists on Spotify as I really needed to hear some feel good, summer tunes! Anything that’s uplifting and makes me smile 🙂

Ben: My number one favourite is definitely Paul Reynolds – check out the streams across the Melon Bomb channels!

2019, was an incredible year, what was your favourite memory?

Laura: Suncebeat Festival in Croatia – I didn’t perform but went for a party with some amazing friends and really let my hair down!

Ben: Suncebeat, Croatia. Everything came together like the perfect storm and I had one of the best weeks my life!

Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago Pool Party Ibiza Rocks 2019

Where is your favourite place in the world you’ve visited?

Laura: Good question. I’ve too many favourite places in the world! Can I give you a shortlist? Cuba; Jaipur; Tulum & New York 🙂

Ben: If you mean touring, I’d probably say South America. We had an incredible time touring a few different countries and then finished up in Rio de Janeiro which was magical.

How many times have you been at work thinking you’d much rather be at home on your sofa right now eating crisps and drinking beer.

and finally, tell us your 3 tips for staying sane in quarantine?

Laura: 1. Regular PT sessions – or I would be the size of a house by now! 2. Netflix – we’ve just joined! OMG I’m addicted! 3. Regularly chatting to friends and family – SO important right now to keep connected or I think I would lose the plot entirely!

Ben: 1. See it for the blessing that it is. How many times have you been at work thinking you’d much rather be at home on your sofa right now eating crisps and drinking beer. You are now free to do this, and with a completely clear conscience too! 2. Keep active. Even if it’s just half an hour per day, it will make a world of difference to your sanity. 3. Realise that this will all soon be over. Therefore make the most out of this time, but likewise, if you’re struggling, know that this won’t last forever.