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Ibiza Sunset | September | Best Time to Go to Ibiza

What’s the weather like in Ibiza in September?

For whatever reason, September always seems to lower down the pecking order of popular months to go on a summer holiday in Europe and more specifically, Spain. In our opinion though, September is the ideal time to hit the White Isle, and dare we say, has the best weather too…

When we reach the month of September, there is a slight drop in daytime temperatures and a more noticeable one in nightime temperatures; both of which are welcomed.

With highs of 27°C and lows of 19°C, you’ll be able to spend much longer soaking up the sun without needing to take a dip every 2 minutes, don’t forget to stay hydrated though!

Once the sun sets it is much cooler than those scorching July and August nights, giving you the chance to dress up a little bit more. Perfect for those evenings in your smart/fancy outfit when you get ‘that’ instagram pic at STK or 528.

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Ibiza Weather September What is weather like in September

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