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Ibiza Flight Watch

JUNE 2021

If you’ve planned a trip to Ibiza before and booked your flights separately, you will definitely know that the prices can quite literally double and sometimes triple depending on which airport, which time and which date you fly.

As the days go by we are getting closer and closer to ‘peak season’, when flight prices typically are at their highest. However, with this year being the year that it is and people still hesitant to book an overseas holiday this summer; outbounds to Ibiza are incredibly low.

Combine that with our flash sale we are running this weekend, if there’s ever a sign to book your trip to Ibiza this summer, this is it!

Check out SkyScanner or see a breakdown of the lowest prices from major UK airports below (as of 11th June 2021).

Ibiza Flights


Nottingham: From £9
Belfast: From £12
Glasgow: From £12
Manchester: From £12
London: From £14
Birmingham: From £15
Liverpool: From £17
Bristol: From £19

Check July Flights


Belfast: From £14
Glasgow: From £16
London: From £18
Liverpool: From £18
: From £19
Bristol: From £19
Birmingham: From £20
Manchester: From £22

Check August Flights


Liverpool: From £17
: From £19
Belfast: From £20
Glasgow: From £22
London: From £23
Manchester: From £24
Birmingham: From £34
Bristol: From £35

Check September Flights

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