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More than just the party, exploring the island is a perfect cure to even the biggest fear-induced hangover thanks to an endless selection of beautiful locations to discover and get lost in. Checking out at least one of Ibiza’s beaches in a must during your stay this summer, perfect for an afternoon to chill, relax, top up your tan and clear your head with the help of the Mediterranean sea (and maybe an ice cold San Miguel). Here is our ultimate guide on the beaches to have on your radar this upcoming season…

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Located just a short water taxi away from the San Antonio marina, Cala Bassa beach is the perfect kind of escape from the bustle and fast pace in San An without having to go too far away. Picture the whitest sand, a relaxed atmosphere and nothing but good vibes with like-minded people. You can hire a sun lounger or upgrade to a more luxury bed thanks to the Cala Bassa Beach Club. Fancy treating yourself? Spent an entire afternoon at the Beach Club – superb service, the perfect chilled playlist and arguably one of the nicest white wine sangrias on the island! Well worth the euros.
Rocking Ibiza on a budget? Get the 8 return water taxi, pack up your towel and grab some bits for a picnic from one of the local cheap supermarkets and enjoy some seriously strong daytime vibes with your Ibiza squad.


Located on the outskirts of San Antonio, Cala Gracio is a 10 minute walk from the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. A more family friendly option, this beach is also popular with the Ibiza workers community due to location, cliff jumping opportunities and clear waters just far enough to escape the madness for an afternoon. The sand is a dream here but we do recommend getting down early as it can get busy quickly during peak season. Again pick up some essentials from one of the local supermarkets en route and even grab a lilo to spend the day lazing in the sea soaking up the sunshine.
If you arrive to find it a little too busy for your liking, simply follow the coastline along slightly further and you’ll come to the more secluded Cala Gracioneta – another #RocksRecommends within walking distance!

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Expect an endless stream of no filter needed sea and golden sand, Cala Conta is views for days and one beach you will want to stick around at for the sunset. So breathtakingly that you will probably want to go here again once you first experience it. Explore the waters and take in the friendly, chilled out atmosphere.

Located around the west coast of the island, you can make your way to the beach via bus or water taxi from San Antonio. Grab a sunbed and treat yourself to a truly stunning display of Ibiza’s beauty. There are restaurants to dine at but we do advise to book in advance – see your Host Team at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel for guidance on this upon arrival.

Popular with islanders and those in the know, Cala Conta is one you won’t regret making the effort to discover.

Playa Cala Salada, Ibiza (Cala Salada beach, in Ibiza)


A crystal clear gem reachable via water taxi or hire car, Cala Salada is sea goals, with the crystal clear turquoise hues perfect for jumping into. A dreamy sandy cove, this is one of the smaller beaches but one of the most stunning. Set off early in the day for this one, hire a pedalo and bring a snorkel! We recommend the restaurant located on the beach for a delicious traditional paella for those wanting to make a day of it. Remember to always pack an extra large bottle of water and some sunscreen as temperatures do sore and nobody wants to look like a lobster raving by the speakers at your favourite superclub for the rest of your stay…


Notably, this isn’t the real showstopping visual treat of a beach like the others on the list but San Antonio’s beachfront is ridiculously handy and more catered to those in favour of a daytime session with minimum travel and effort required although we do recommend hiring a lounger for this one.

Perhaps one of it’s biggest draws is how close it is to the Ibiza Rocks Bar – fancy a chicken pitta washed down with an icy cold daiquiri all from the comfort of your lounger? Done – order inside to have your treats delivered directly to you on the beach.

As well as Rocks Bar, you have Linekers and Bay Bar along the beachfront so the atmosphere is more party vibe and you are never too far from summer tunes and discounted drink rounds! Expect sunshine, palm trees and cool waters to kick start any afternoon the correct way.


And finally, for those really wanting to experience a seriously dreamy beach escape then Formentera is the one for you. Most likely for the non-Ibiza virgin, Formentera is a full day out and an island itself. The beaches are quite simply stunning, expect to see every hair on your body underneath the sea as the water is genuinely that clear.

It feels like a little slice of paradise, accessible via ferry from Ibiza Town. You can also hire a car and go by ferry to explore the island in full but not essential.

There are a number of picturesque restaurants and cafes located by the beach to treat yourself but we do recommend bringing your own picnic or sourcing a cool box so that you can make your euros last longer! Tranquil and naturally beautiful with all the charm you’d expect from the smallest of the Balearic islands.

Whatever Ibiza beach you check out this summer, we hope you fall a little bit in love with each one just like we have.

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