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Think Ibiza, think hungover flights home after some of the best parties in the world. But beyond the little sleep and ridiculous tales to tell, there is so much more to discover and explore on this beautiful island. Ibiza is about making memories and we have some insider tips to help further your experience on holiday this summer. The places that’ll make you want to pass on your newfound wisdom to anyone that will listen…


Don’t get us wrong, we love a ‘how many Sex On The Beaches can we get for €10’ deal like the next person… But treating yourself to some high quality pre-drinks in a new, upgraded environment can prove to be beyond satisfying and make you glad you skipped that dreaded 1 litre Rushkinoff special offer at the supermarket.


Babel is the epitome of a hidden gem!
Located in the back streets of San Antonio near the town’s church, it is quaint, local and reasonably priced. Sit outside on some rustic chairs perched on top of the cobbled streets, you can eat and drink here but we recommend putting the world to right with a glass of house wine (only
€3) and a basket of bread and alioli for an alternative night on holiday.


One for the gin fans, Golden Buddha is a 5 minute walk from the Ibiza Rocks Hotel and is perfect for relaxed drinks while watching the sunset (see our Sunset Guide) or as your first pit-stop before your BNO as you sprawl on one of their outside sofa beds toasting Ibiza 2017.
Make ours a Tanqueray 10 please.


The Skinny Kitchen has been easing hangovers for the health conscious in San Antonio since 2014… Offering an applaudable, fresh and diverse menu of food and drink served up until after sunset.
Their cocktails are skinny in calories but still sizable in taste, guilt free hair-of-the-dogs!
For the beer lovers reading, you really can’t beat an ice cold San Miguel, we recommend heading down and asking for a pint of their shandy (beer mixed with low cal Fanta Limon) – you’re welcome.


For when you fancy a change of scenery, hop on a bus from the San An bus station (located to the right of the Pacha shop by the Egg roundabout) and head to Ibiza Town. For only €2.50, a bus will take you to the center of beautiful Ibiza Town.
Paradise Lost is a rum and cocktail bar with bucket loads of character, hidden along a side street in the heart of Ibiza town. Intimate and charming – rum cocktails for days! We recommend heading down on a night where Rocks favourites The Brothers Grim are playing – nothing but good vibes and hierbas, most definitely hierbas.


We all know the regret of waking up beside that empty KFC bag after a big one but we also appreciate rocking Ibiza on a budget and sometimes the cheaper, familiar option makes the most sense when on holiday abroad. However, if you do want to finish off the last night of your stay in style or on a night you couldn’t think of anything worse than being covered in confetti in Amnesia at 4am, we reckon checking out one of these hidden gems to satisfy the foodie in you!


A good curry is hard to beat and finding one in Spanish territory can be risky business. Luckily, Ruby’s Indian (located a mere 2 minute walk from the Ibiza Rocks Hotel en route to the sunset strip) is a 10/10 in terms of quality Indian and reasonable prices. Service is friendly and relaxed, the food is delicious and their jalfrezi is one of the best going!


San Antonio also has one of our favourite Tapas restaurants on it’s doorstep in the form of Tapas Tapas located a quick walk from the road behind Ibiza Rocks Bar on the beachfront. Think deep fried brie, sizzling garlic chilli prawns and juicy meatballs. Their drinks menu is also the one, featuring enough cocktail and wine options to satisfy even the pickiest member of the group. We recommend booking a table in advance for this one as it can get fully booked on a daily basis during peak season which is a credit to just how good the food and overall experience there is.


If our Toddla T’s Ibiza Rocks Carnival pool parties are a bit of you this June, make sure to drop by to The Jam Shak, one of San Antonio’s newest hidden gems. The outside bar is inside a boat, you can chill on hammocks or oversized swings and their authentic Jamaican BBQ menu is mouth-wateringly good. We recommend getting involved with the jerk chicken and coconut rice’n’peas. Food and drink for the soul, if you’re a rum fan, prepare to be knocking back every cocktail on the menu until the early hours.


Again, if you want to explore what else the island has to offer during your stay, head to Ibiza Town and get spoilt for choice on all the quaint and cultural restaurants to stumble into, whatever food you fancy. A resounding thumbs up from everyone at Rocks HQ, La Bodega is a hugely popular tapas restaurant with locals and those in the know! Located at the foot of the stunning Dalt Vila which is also worth checking out for views of the Old Town. La Bodega’s mismatched chairs, intimate layout and overall charm makes this such a winner. Try their Amaretto Sours and get stuck in with all the traditional tapas dishes from pimientos de padron to calamari.


We all know the iconic such as Pacha or DC10 but it is the other secrets you wouldn’t necessarily think to check out on your first trip to the island that we want to send you in the direction of.


Es Vedra rock is one of Ibiza’s mysteriously magical landmarks. Standing at 400 metres above sea level, it is hinted at being the third most magnetic spot in the world. This mythical rock omits an unmissable energy force in arguably one of the most beautiful scenes you can imagine. If you want to watch the sunset in style, this is your one stop destination. Hire a car as it’s a bit of a mission to get to but totally worth the journey.


Finally, want to watch one of your favourite movies in the open air under the stars while on holiday? Well, now you can thanks to Cinema Paradiso Ibiza and their alfresco screenings via Dalt Vila. From ‘Fight Club’ to ‘Back to the Future’, you can book your place for an alternative evening in Ibiza this summer. If you’re a movie buff, this may just be the perfect insider tip for you to experience the normality of going to the cinema in an extraordinary setting.

Whatever your ‘To Do’ list looks like for your time in Ibiza, take our advice and check out one of our hidden gems.
You may just discover one of your own while you’re at it…

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Secret Ibiza #RocksRecommends | Ibiza Rocks Blog
Secret Ibiza #RocksRecommends | Ibiza Rocks Blog