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Team Rocks were on board Ryanair’s first flight from London to Ibiza to give you an honest lowdown and share some tips on what it’s like flying this summer.



This was the first day of significant flying with the new safety measures in place. In the airport everything was super clean but understandably being the first day things took bit longer than usual

Baggage check in was automated using machines with human free bag drop. A computer weighs your bag so be warned smiling won’t help you if your bag is too heavy you will have to pay!

At security there weren’t any new measures in place but the queue was socially distanced so more spaced than normal. Getting stopped for liquids or any other prohibited item at security could slow your journey considerably so best to ensure hand luggage is liquid free before you get to there.

Rocks Recommends:
We would recommend arriving 2 hours before if you only have hand luggage as a minimum and 3 hours minimum if you have a bag to check. Make sure any hand luggage bag is below 20kg and to join the queue for the baggage machines as soon as you arrive even if the screen suggests you wait

"People were generally good humoured and excited but being very respectful of personal space."



People were generally good humoured and excited but being very respectful of personal space and there were plenty of staff around making sure everything was as clean as possible.

Almost everything was closed shops and bars/restaurants wise when we flew but being the first day we’re sure things will start to reopen gradually in July.



Ryanair were great and efficient but more than ever it is key to follow the rules

The biggest difference on board really were the face masks. You have to wear one for the entire flight at the moment as do all of the cabin crew which was a bit of weird experience but one we got used to surprisingly quickly. You could remove the masks were to eat/drink. The normal food, drinks and alcohol were available to purchase on board with only contactless card payments accepted.

You can use the toilets on board but the use is limited. You had to press the call button located in the panel above your seat if you wish to use them to make sure there were no queues.

Rocks Recommends:
Definitely make sure you bring your own mask as they weren’t handing them out or selling any in the airport and they won’t let you on board without one!

Ibiza Airport


Arriving in Ibiza there are two significant differences to the normal passport check.

Firstly you are now required to fill in two forms with some of your details on arrival which obviously slowed things down. They have said these forms will be available on board the fights in future which will be ideal.

Secondly, you have your temperature checked as you pass through by a member of customs staff.

Rocks Recommends:
Pens are not readily available for filling out the forms. If you can bring one with you and fill out the forms in advance you’ll get through in no time!

Flying to Ibiza?

We’ve put together a Spotify playlist packed with all the best tracks to listen to on your way to Ibiza.


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