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Ibiza Amber List Guide

How do I travel to Ibiza from the UK this summer?

For all our UK guests you will have seen in the news that the Balearic Islands will be placed back onto the ‘amber’ travel list from Monday 19th July. Although this switch is disappointing (and more than a bit confusing) it does not mean the summer is over!

Ibiza and Ibiza Rocks Hotel is still open, our Poolside Sessions will be continuing and if you have received both your vaccinations not a lot has changed.

So what do you need to do exactly in order to travel to Ibiza now? Well simply you need:

☑️ Passenger locator forms
☑️ Test before you fly home from Ibiza

Fully vaccinated?
☑️ Test two days after you get home

Not yet fully vaccinated?
☑️ Test before you leave the UK
☑️ Test two days and eight days after you get home
☑️ Quarantine for ten days or five if part of the ‘test to release’ scheme

Here’s our Ibiza amber list guide to what you need to do in order to holiday with us on the White Isle right now.

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Before You Leave

Fill in a Spanish Passenger Locator Form

If you are vaccinated fully or not everyone needs to complete a Spanish Passenger Locator Form. The form is free and must be completed within 48 hours before your flight. When you complete it you’ll be emailed a QR code.

Book tests if you’re fully vaccinated

If you are fully vaccinated (i.e. had both injections of any covid vaccine) you need to book a PCR test to take 2 days after you get home. These can be booked online and are increasingly available as ‘fit to fly’ packages that bring the cost down.

You will be asked to show your proof of full vaccination UK side before you board the plane. You can do this with a paper certificate or the NHS app (App Store | Google Play Store) so download and sign up before you go.

Book tests if you’re not fully vaccinated

If you have not been fully vaccinated you will need to book a PCR test for both 2 days and also 8 days after you get home. We would also advise registering for the government ‘test to release’ scheme which you can use to end your quarantine early.

On top of booking your tests for when you get home you will also need one to board the plane. This can be a PCR or Rapid Antigen test taken within 72 hours before you fly. You will be asked to show proof of a negative test result UK side before you can fly.


Arriving in Ibiza

Scan your locator form

At passport control you will be asked to scan your completed Spanish Passenger Locator Form QR code from your email. (make sure your phone is charged!)

You do not need to quarantine on arrival in Ibiza


Before you fly home

When you’re in Ibiza there are a few extra things you need to sort before you can return home.

Fill in a UK Passenger Locator Form

Before you catch your flight you’ll need to complete a UK Passenger Locator Form. The form is free and must be completed within 48 hours before your flight. When you complete it you’ll be emailed a PDF and you will have the option of either adding it to your online boarding pass or presenting it on check-in.

Get a negative antigen test result

Whether you are fully vaccinated or not you need to show a negative test result taken within 3 days before you fly home. You can book one of these rapid antigen tests from our hotel testing centre during your stay for €40 with the results sent to your email.

Book Your Test
Cinema sign outside Ibiza Rocks Hotel saying #Ibizaisopen

Flying back to the UK

Show your locator form and test result

At the airport in Ibiza you will be asked to show your completed UK Passenger Locator form at the boarding gate along with your negative test result. Without these you won’t be able to board the flight.


Fully vaccinated and back in the UK

Take your PCR test 2 days after you get back

Upon arriving home just take your Day 2 PCR test which you have already arranged before your holiday.

Being fully vaccinated you are not required to quarantine when you get home unless your PCR test result comes back positive or the NHS Track & Trace app informs you that you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive.


Not yet vaccinated and back in the UK

Quarantine at home for 10 days

Flying into the UK from an amber listed country means that you are required to quarantine for 10 days if you are not yet fully vaccinated.

Take your PCR test 2 days and 8 days after you get back

Upon arriving home take your day 2 and day 8 PCR tests which you already arranged before your holiday.

Test to release scheme

You may be able to end quarantine early on day 5 if you pay for a private COVID-19 test through the Test to Release scheme.

Photography By Elliot Young

What if I’m already booked in?

If you’re already booked in to Ibiza Rocks Hotel and have questions about your options our team are standing by to help. You can contact them via Messenger, email or phone on the link below.

Contact Us

If you haven’t had both your vaccinations your best option is to move your booking to new dates later in the summer. To help we have made all booking changes free for those who have booked through our website,

Find Out More

What about when I’m there?

COVID safety regulations are still quite different between the UK and Spain right now. When you are staying with us we ask that all guests help us to keep everyone safe by following the regulations and respecting our staff. Click below to find out more on what to expect.

Learn More

Ibiza Rocks Hotel has obtained the highest level certification for COVID-19 protocols and Health Risk Prevention, a certificate issued by the Spanish Tourism Ministry through the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality.

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