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DJ EZ Eluzive Pool Party Poster Ibiza Rocks

DJ EZ Eluzive Pool Party

Tough Love Patrick Nazemi Taype Deck K1R3Y

calendar20th June 2019

clockFrom 14:00 to 21:00

pinIbiza Rocks Hotel


Widely considered one of the finest and most influential names in underground dance culture and revered by DJ’s the world over, DJ EZ is simply a phenomenon. A pioneer of UK garage, house and bassline, his trademark sets of ultra-fast mixing of anthems alongside deep cuts and his flawless technique has lit up clubs, festival stages, boiler rooms and beyond for the last 20 years.

So what can we expect now from the first ever Eluzive Pool Parties? Expect a journey into the past, present and future sounds of UK Garage and beyond. Expect the hottest new talent. Expect plenty of wheel ups. But most of all expect… energy! See you there…