These booking conditions together with the other information contained on this website form the basis of your contract with Brand Rocks Travel S.L.  Please read them carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations.   We do not sell or offer for sale any “packages” or act as an “organiser” within the meaning of The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992.


1.1 Booking of Accommodation through this web site (the "Site") is subject to these terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions"). 

1.2 In these conditions a reference to: 
a) "you", "your" means the person making the booking and everyone else named on the booking (including anyone added or substituted at any time); 
b) the "Lead Name" means the person identified on the booking confirmation as the "lead name" and to whom the invoice for the Accommodation will be addressed; 
c) "Accommodation" means the hotel room(s), apartment(s), villa(s) or other form of accommodation and related services or products which you have booked or wish to book through the Site; 
d) "Hotel" means, as the context requires, the hotel in which a particular hotel room is situated, the apartment block in which a particular apartment is situated or the villa complex of which a particular villa is part; 
e) Accommodation Provider means the owner and/or provider of the Accommodation; and 
f) We", "us", "our" mean BRAND ROCKS TRAVEL S.L., a company registered in Spain with registration number B57643876 and registered address at Apartado 495, San Antonio, Ibiza, 07820

1.3 Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. They apply to all bookings made with BRAND ROCKS TRAVEL S.L.and to all members of your party.  


2.1 Your contract of accommodation is with BRAND ROCKS TRAVEL S.L. We accept no liability in relation to any other arrangements that you book or for the acts or omissions of the Accommodation Provider or other person(s) or party(ies) connected with such arrangements.

2.2 It is important to check carefully the details of your booking. If you want to cancel or change your booking later, you may have to pay amendment or cancellation charges (set out below). These can be the full price of the accommodation booked. 

2.3 In parties of two or more people, the person who makes the booking, entering their name as the "Lead Passenger", accepts responsibility for making all payments to us for all members of the party. We will send all vouchers and other information to the "Lead Passenger", who is responsible for ensuring that the other members of the party are kept fully informed. 

2.4 If you are aged between 17 and 18 years old (on date of departure) and your parents or guardians are not travelling with you, you must be staying with at least one person who is aged 18 or older, this person must be the lead guest on the booking.  We must also receive a completed 2014 consent form by email sent to sales@ibizarocks.com, filled in by the legal parent/guardian of the guest aged 17. Once recieved a member of our sales team will contact the parent/guardian to confirm receipt of the consent form. We recommend you take a copy of this consent with you for check - in. We are unable to accept any booking for anyone under 17 years of age on date of travel.
 Click here to download Mallorca Rocks Consent Form OR Ibiza Rocks Consent Form


3.1 On booking step 1, we use an average exchange rate to display the total GBP amount at the time of booking. When you go to make payment on booking step 3, you will have the option to pay in Euros or GBP. The GBP amount displayed is dependant on the exchange rate your card provider is using and the Euro amount is dependent on the exchange rate we use at the time of payment.

3.2 You will have the option to pay a deposit equivalent to 25% of the total cost of your booking. You also have the option to pay the full amount.

If you choose to pay a deposit amount, you are then able to pay off your balance with instalments of a minimum of 50€ at one time leading up to your balance due date.

The full balance of your booking will need to be paid 84 days (12 weeks) before your Hotel check in date.

If you book within 84 days (12 weeks) of your check in date then the full payment will be required. We will contact you to advise when your balance is due via your contact details supplied to us. If we have still not received full payment for your booking after 10 days of this due date, deposits will be lost and bookings will be cancelled. Bookings may be reinstated, however will be subject to availability and prices will be adjusted according to the rates on the day payment can be made. By paying a deposit or the full amount, you are entering a contract and accepting these booking conditions.

3.2.1 If you booked after the 25th March, 2014 the full balance of your booking will need to be paid 56 days (8 weeks) before your Hotel check in date.

3.3 Payments may be made by any major credit or debit card. We use sophisticated encryption technology to ensure your credit card details are secure. It may be possible that we could accept a bank transfer payment should you not have a credit or debit card.

We do not accept laser cards or cashcards.

3.4 Payment must be made in good time for clearance before we can confirm your booking. Your booking may be cancelled if you fail to make payment on time and you will be liable to pay the cancellation charges set out below. 

3.5 Payment for incidental extras (e.g. refreshments from mini bars, telephone charges, etc.) has to be made directly to the Accommodation Provider when you check out. 


Once your payment has been received and processed we will send you a CONFIRMATION INVOICE to the email address you provided during the booking process. Once the final balance has been paid we will send you another email with your ACCOMMODATION VOUCHER. 


5.1 We are pleased to be able to offer you direct airport to hotel and shuttle transfers. In order to book a transfer you must provide your flight details. The details of your transfer are provided on your AIRPORT TRANSFER VOUCHER which will be sent to you by email on receipt of final payment. Please ensure you print a copy of this voucher as you will be required to present it at the Transfer Desk in the airport on arrival. Information on the transfer collection point will be detailed on your AIRPORT TRANSFER VOUCHER.

5.2 Failure to confirm correct flight details will result in the transfer being void and non refundable.

5.3 If you are severely delayed coming through the airport due to luggage or any other reason (NOT FLIGHT DELAYS) please ensure you contact the transfer company using the phone number on your transfer voucher to advise them of your delay, or visit the transfer desk in arrival hall to advise them. Customers who are delayed for an hour or more without letting transfer company know will be deemed as no shows and transfers will not be valid.


6.1 VOUCHER  When you arrive at the Hotel you will be required to present your ACCOMMODATION VOUCHER to our reception staff. This voucher will be retained by the Hotel staff for our internal use. 

6.2 PASSPORTS The Accommodation provider will ask you to leave your passports overnight as they are required to take some essential information from it by law. Your passports will be available for collection from reception

6.3 HOTEL RULES  Both our Hotels are lively, party hotels but rules do need to be in place to ensure you and our other hotel guests get everything they need from their holiday, including sleep! On Check-In you will be asked to sign a form acknowledging the Hotel Rules and a copy will be provided for your information.When you book Accommodation through BRAND ROCKS TRAVEL S.L., you accept responsibility for the proper conduct of yourself and your party during your stay. The Accommodation Provider reserves the right to terminate at any time your stay in the Accommodation or that of any member of your party if, in their reasonable opinion, your conduct is improper. Full cancellation charges will then apply and no refund will be given. Furthermore, we or the Accommodation Provider shall be under no obligation whatsoever to pay compensation or meet any costs or expenses you may occur as a result of their terminating your stay in accordance with this paragraph. 
If your actions or those of any member of your party cause damage to the Accommodation in which you are staying, you agree to fully indemnify us against any claim (including legal costs) made against us by the Accommodation Provider. You will also be liable to make a reimbursement before the end of your stay to the Accommodation Provider for any such damage caused. 

6.4 BREAKAGE DEPOSIT  In both the Ibiza Rocks and Mallorca Rocks Hotels you will be required to pay a deposit per room in case of breakages. In Ibiza this is 60 Euros per room and in Mallorca 30 Euros per person. This will be collectable from Reception at 2pm on the day you leave, subject to there being no chargeable breakages. The Accommodation provider supplies a Room Inventory list on check in which you should check against the contents of your room. If anything is missing or you notice anything broken then please report this to reception within 24 hours and we will replace or repair it wherever possible. Please note it is important that you do report this information to Reception as you may be charged.

6.5 HOTEL CHECK IN TIMES Check-In time is usually from 2pm, although if possible the Hotel will have your room ready sooner if possible. This is why we ask during the booking process that you provide us with an approximate time of your flight arrival so the Hotel can do its best to get you into your room sooner. During busy times sometimes your room may take longer to have ready so please be patient if this is the case.

We have luggage rooms and showering facilities for you if have a waiting period between check in times.

6.6 HOTEL CHECK OUT  Check-Out time is 11am in Mallorca and 12pm in Ibiza. It may be possible for you to keep your room on until the early evening on the day of departure should your room not be allocated to incoming guests. Please request late check - out on arrival as price and availability varies depending on dates of stay.

Both Hotels provide shower and changing facilities should you have already checked out and require them on departure day. 



7.1 The main Ibiza Rocks gigs take place every Wednesday in the Ibiza Rocks Hotel between 4th June and 17th September 2014 inclusive. We will also be holding our Ibiza Rocks After Show Party each week following this gig. If your stay with us includes a Wednesday night between these dates then gig tickets and entry to the Ibiza Rocks After Show Party are included in the price of your stay in the Hotel, Apartments and Hostal. Please note that one ticket per person booked to stay in your room will be provided.

7.2 The Ibiza Rocks Apartments and Hostal are located a short walk from the main resort. These are alternative properties and all our guests will gain access to the main resort daily.

7.3 We Are Rockstars! will also take place every Friday in the Ibiza Rocks Hotel between 6th June and 18th September 2014 inclusive. If your stay with us includes the night of this event (between these dates) then tickets are also included in price of your stay in the Hotel, Apartments and Hostal. Please note that one ticket per person will be provided.


7.3 The main Mallorca Rocks gigs take place every Tuesday in the Mallorca Rocks Hotel between 3rd June and 16th September 2014 inclusive.  If your stay with us includes a Tuesday night between these dates then gig tickets are included in the price of your stay in both the Hotel and Apartments. Please note that one ticket per person booked to stay in your room will be provided.

7.4 We Are Rockstars! will also take place every week in the Mallorca Rocks Hotel between 5th June and 17th September 2014 inclusive. If your stay with us includes the night of this event (between these dates) then tickets are also included in price of your stay in both the Hotel and Apartments. Please note that one ticket per person booked to stay in your room will be provided.

7.5 If you have booked a POOL or STAGE VIEW ROOM then you will have the flexibility to stay in your room should you choose to or to come down to the main gig arena. Please note that only those booked to stay in your room will be permitted in the room from early evening on gig day. Please note during the summer the Hotels may host private events within the main pool area. Hotel guests may be required to pay an entry fee to gain access to these events. However if you have booked a STAGE VIEW ROOM you will be able to watch the events from your balcony free of charge. Gig tickets are in the form of wristbands which will be available for collection from our Host Team in the Hotel Lobby on the day of the event. Signs will clearly display the collection times. 

7.6 If you have booked to stay in the Mallorca Rocks Apartments, you will gain access to the main building daily to enjoy all the events and activities during your stay. The apartments are located 500m away from the main building. Standard cancellation and amendment fees apply.

7.7 NON-APPEARANCE OF HEADLINE ACT OR GIG CANCELLATION. If the headline band/act was announced at the time you made your booking with us and for reasons beyond our control they cannot perform we will replace with another headline band/act. If the gig is cancelled completely then you will be entitled to a refund of the appropriate entertainment supplement that you paid (per person per night amount) for the night the respective gig is cancelled. 

7.8 Should the gig be cancelled as a result of Force Majeure you will not be entitled to any refund. “Force Majeure” meaning any cause beyond our control including, without limitation, act of God, war, insurrection, riot, civil disturbances, acts of terrorism, fire, explosion, flood, national mourning, theft of essential equipment, malicious damage, strike, lock out, weather, third party injunction, national defence requirements, acts or regulations of national or local governments . 

7.9. In the event of a cancelled gig, to claim your refund of the respective nights entertainment supplement as detailed in 7.7 above please contact our sales team within 3 months of the original date of the cancelled gig.  Refunds will only be made to the person who paid for the accommodation booking including the associated entertainment supplement.


Maintenance, changes and improvements take place all year round. No compensation will be offered if a facility is unavailable, but the Accommodation Provider will endeavour to provide a suitable alternative. It may remove a little used facility and replace it with something more popular. During the quiet months only one restaurant or bar may be open.

For peace of mind personal belongings and items of value should be kept in the in room safety deposit box. These boxes are available for a small daily payment from reception. We accept no liability whatsoever for any accident, loss or damage to your property unless such loss is demonstrably due to our negligence. We cannot be held responsible for the failure of public services (e.g. water, gas, electricity etc.) or for any disturbance that is beyond our control. In all cases including personal injury or death, our liability to you for the total of all claims arising out of your holiday with us, is limited to the cost of the booking.

Prices are correct at the time of publication, but may change without notice, with the exception of confirmed bookings. Confirmed bookings will not alter.

The Hotels reserve the right to refuse any booking.

Please bring towels to use around the pool or at the beach you as the Hotel does not provide these. The towels we provide are for use in the Hotel rooms only.

The Hotel endeavours to provide a daily housekeeping service with towel changes each time your room is cleaned. Bed linen changes take place at least twice per week. If they are unable to access your room during the day to clean your room should your room be occupied then please advise reception and housekeeping will visit your room as soon as possible.

All Ibiza & Mallorca Rocks properties and facilities are exclusive to customer use only; Outside guests will not be permitted access to the hotel without a valid wristband
From 10 June 2014 the Ibiza Rocks Hostal pool area will be open to the general public via The Haunt Bar. 


If you want to change any aspect of your booking after we have sent your confirmation, we will do our best to help. However, there is no obligation to make any change. Should you wish to cancel your booking completely then the following cancellation charges will apply:

If you cancel your stay more than 84 days before your Check In Date = loss of deposit amount.
If you cancel your stay between 28 and 84 days before your Check In Date = loss of 50% of total booking amount 
If you cancel your stay between 15 and 27 days before Check In Date = loss of 75% of total booking amount 
If you cancel your stay less than 14 days before Check In Date = loss of 100% of total booking amount

CANCELLATIONS or PART CANCELLATIONS must be received in writing via email to either sales@ibizarocks.com. Please quote the Booking Reference in all correspondence.

If you have opted to take advantage of our 'pay in full and save an additional 5%' offer all funds paid are NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERRABLE.

Certain AMENDMENTS like name changes can be done online through MANAGE MY BOOKING, the log in details for which are detailed in your confirmation email. 

A change of date or a shortening/reduction of a booking will be deemed to be a Cancellation and the above charges will be payable. Should you wish to make changes to your booking, like date changes then this will need to be done through our Sales Team via the number displayed on our website. An ADMINISTRATION FEE of 30 Euros per change will apply to ALL amendments if our Sales Team is involved.

Mallorca Rocks bookings CANNOT be amended within 48 hours of departure, please ensure your booking stands as correct before this time.
For Ibiza Rocks bookings, if amending your booking within 48 hours of departure additional charges will apply dependent on the change required.

If you wish to make any change to your booking while on holiday (e.g. upgrading accommodation or extending your stay), all requests are subject to availability and any extra cost must be paid immediately direct to the Accommodation Provider.


We strongly recommend that you take out adequate and comprehensive Holiday Insurance for peace of mind and for cancellation cover. It is your responsibility to check you have adequate insurance cover. The insurance should cover, amongst other things, the cost of cancellation by you, all medical costs and the cost of assistance including return to the UK in the event of an accident or illness.


11.1 If you have any special requests that do not form part of the standard services for the Accommodation to be booked as described in the Site (for example dietary requirements, cots or room location) please let us know in writing at the time of booking. 

11.2 We will pass on all such requests to the relevant Accommodation Provider, but unfortunately cannot guarantee that they will be met. Further, if the Accommodation Provider is unable to meet such requests, neither we nor they can have any liability to you in this respect.


12.1 If you have a complaint while you are staying at the Accommodation, you must inform our staff in resort immediately in order to give them the chance to resolve the problem. A holiday report form must be completed with a member of our host team whilst you are in resort. Any right to compensation will be lost if you fail to do this.

12.2 If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you should contact our Emergency Line (this will be provided on arrival).  We will act as an intermediary to try and rectify the problem. In the event that we are unable to do so and you wish to take matters further, you must do so directly with the Accommodation Provider concerned. 

12.3 If you return home after your stay and the issue is still unresolved you must send your complaint in writing to sales@ibizarocks.com detailing the issus you had in resort, and the action you took to get the matter resolved. We must recieve your complaint in writing within 30 days of your return date.